Fostering Hope



submitted by: Kim Green – Team Coordinator

The Fostering Hope Team at St. Paul Lutheran Church and Calhan United Methodist Church have faithfully provided assistance and encouragement to a local foster family who has cared for dozens of foster children over the years.  Currently this family has 2 adopted children and 5 foster children under their care who they lovingly support.  The team from these two churches have provided countless meals and many hours of childcare in a selfless and supportive way.  This ensures the foster parents are supported and the children have a sense of what an extended family looks like.  This is so important because most foster children have never had this before.  This team has encouraged the children to grow, excel and have truly enriched their lives.   We celebrate the work we’ve done and thank you to team members past and present who give so much of themselves to foster families.  FMI you can contact Kim