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Please come and join us on each Second Sunday of every month as we share a worship service with our friends at Good Samaritan Center.  Our service is from 3:00 to 3:30 pm.

11th Annual Christmas Store


Good Samaritan Christmas Store

Suggested Gift Ideas – December 5, 2016 @ 3 p.m. in Simla

At the end of October, 15 Ladies & 11 Gentlemen

Gentlemen’s Ideas:

  • Men’s Bedroom Slipper with full foot: 1 each in size medium, large, x-large
  • Men’s sweat pants or PJ’s: 1 each in size medium, large, x-large
  • Western flannel shirt with snap buttons in XL or 2XL
  • Men’s pants in size 44×30, any color in soft fabric
  • After shave lotion; 3-Blade razor; nose hair clippers; combs & brushes
  • Handkerchief’s and suspenders, about 2-3 each

Ladies’ Ideas:

  • Bedroom slippers or Bootie with full foot, medium, large, x-large (3 ea)
  • Night gowns in medium, large, x-large and 2xl, about 3 each
  • Hair bows, ties & clips; curlers (brush or plastic), shower caddy (3)
  • Hand lotions, body butter and bath powder, nail polish, Chapstick
  • Baby Dolls & some baby clothes for those babies, about 2 or 3 sets

General Ideas:

  • Stocking caps and scarves, mittens and soft gloves (large, x-l)
  • Sports clothing for Rockies and Broncos, shirts or scarves
  • Fuzzy socks for anyone as well as tube socks (they stretch easier, large, x-l)
  • Game Books like Word Finder, etc., Checkers, large print books for reading
  • Fleece blankets for twin bed or lap robe size
  • Stuffed animals, baby dolls, toy trucks or cars
  • Picture frames, some necklaces, wallets or coin purses
  • Puffs Kleenex boxes (lots)
  • Adult coloring books and pencils (3 each)
  • Holiday candy jars, sugar free candy, chocolates

Good Sam asks that no candles, dishes/pans/cups, calendars, stationary, Christmas decorations or cards be donated.  They either cannot use or have an abundant supply.  Thank you for your support for this holiday gifting.

Just bring your donated items to church and put in the box in the narthex.

Thank you!  Sally 719-347-2785; Carolyn 719-347-2229; Andrea 719-347-2798


10th Annual Christmas Store

St. Paul Lutheran sponsored its 10th Annual Christmas Store at the Simla Good Samaritan Nursing Home on Monday, December 7.  A team of 12 volunteers gathered and set up the display of items so the 29 residents could browse through with an assistant helping them shop.  The residents who were not mobile enough to join in the activity itself, still got to shop through a staff member at Good Sam.

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The residents look forward each year to this wonderful opportunity since they can’t get out and purchase gifts for their loved ones.  Thanks to the generosity of our congregation and friends, each year has such an amazing variety of gifts!   We want to thank those who provided gifts as well as made gifts such as crocheted or knitted hats, scarves, afghans and candy.

THANK YOU ONE & ALL for this heart-warming experience of helping our elderly residents at the Simla Good Samaritan Nursing Home.

Sally, Nancy and Carolyn


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