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From the Church Council

June 25th 2020

On Sunday, June 21st, we had a congregational meeting following service and by a majority vote, Pastor Harvey is now our Pastor.  Congratulations Pastor.

The council is continuing to meet weekly regarding our services. We are trying to make sure how we meet is safe for everyone. We are continuing to monitor COVID19 through the ElPaso County Health Department and what their guidelines and recommendations are as we meet in-person.

We are upgrading our internet connections for online services. Online services will continue even when we meet in-person for those in our congregation who would like to continue receiving church through the internet.

Overall, outdoor services, we feel was a success. We will continue our outdoor worship as long as we can. These services will be at 9:00 a.m.

The storage shed is progressing and should be completed within the next couple of weeks. This is going to be for storing supplies for our brat and beer festival as well as many of the things which have been in the crawl space.

Brat and Beer Festival, at this point, is in the discussion process. We will follow all health department guidelines. As you know, this changes daily, so we are on top of the latest news on COVID19.

St. Paul Lutheran Preschool is in search of a director. We are allowed to open in September with 10 students. The director must be in the classroom 60% of the time the preschool is open. If you, or anyone you know, may be interested, please feel free to call the church at 719-347-2798.

Through our online Zoom service, we continue to reach members who may have not or are unable to attend our services. We will continue online services even when we meet in-person either outside or when we finally come inside to meet.

Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

My email is and my cell phone is 719-641-1477. Please do not hesitate to reach out any time.

May you all have a very blessed day.


June 11th, 2020

The situation we are in is very fluid, as COVID has been unpredictable and there are large gaps in the very small amount of data available on how it spreads, how long it lasts, who is vulnerable, etc.  We, as a council, will be flexible as the situation changes but in light of current guidance from various authoritative agencies. we believe the safest way for our congregation to gather is outside for the foreseeable future.  If the situation changes and guidelines are lightened, then great.  We would rather tell people 10 weeks and have it only be 6 than to promise 6 and then have to extend it.

We would like to emphasize that while we LOVE our building, it is just that – a building.  The church itself is made up of the PEOPLE!,  and we will be gathering in a safe manner enjoying God’s creation outside.  COVID has made us all feel vulnerable and in times of vulnerability, it’s natural to want to be together.  As a council, we are actively looking for safe ways for our church family to be together, but we are proceeding with caution as we get more information.

These decisions are not made lightly and we want to be together as much as anyone else.  Sometimes the right decision is not the easiest, and these decisions are made with the utmost respect, concern, and love for our fellow members.

Respectfully and with much love,

Your Church Council


June 8th, 2020

First of all, we as a church council would like to thank you for your faithful giving in these trying times.  It is through you that our church ministry is able to continue through these unprecedented times. 

With respect for the guidelines of the Bishop and the Synod for in-person, indoor church services, the church council has decided we will adhere to what their recommendations are.  Therefore, unfortunately, no one is allowed to be in the church for in-person indoor services until AFTER August 31st or possibly later.  In order to respect our fragile and elderly population, we will not hold in-person indoors until the Bishop and the council determine it is SAFE for all to partake in these services.

What the council has come up with, per Bishop Gonia saying “think outside of the box for worship services”, is holding Backyard Outdoor Services throughout the summer.  What this will look like is we will be utilizing the space we have on the south end of the church for our services every Sunday.  Please bring your own chairs and possibly a cover of some kind (i.e. an umbrella). 

So beginning at 9:00 am, Sunday, June 21st, and every Sunday thereafter until August 31st,(Note the time change) we will hold church services OUTSIDE ONLY.  Social distancing protocol will strictly be adhered to even outside.  Bathrooms will be available to you using the west side of the door by the preschool rooms and utilizing the bathrooms through these doors only.

If you are unable to come to the church for our OUTDOOR ONLY WORSHIP SERVICE, you may continue to join us via Zoom. 

Also on June 21st, there will be a CONGREGATIONAL MEETING to call Pastor Harvey as our right-sized pastor.  If you are using Zoom, there is a place to “chat” and you can put your vote in there during the meeting.

If there is inclement weather, we will not hold services outside and will do our zoom service as usual, again NO INDOOR, IN-PERSON services until after August 31st.

Again, absolutely NO ONE will be allowed in the church sanctuary at any time, except those leading the service (worship and music).  We must follow these guidelines until the Synod and church council decide when it is safe to return to indoor worship.  We will continue doing our services through Zoom even though we are doing outdoor services. 

There will be no fellowship or passing of the peace during this transition phase. 

Thank you for your continued patience during this time of uncertainty.   Please contact a council member if you have additional questions.

Respectfully and with much love.

Your church council,

Laurie White
Diana Strobel
Blair Bartling
Amanda Rowles
Jeanette Bartling

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