Pastor’s Monthly Message


Sisters and brothers in Christ,

Peace be with you!

Father in heaven for Jesus’ sake, stir up in your child the gift of your Holy Spirit; confirm her faith, guide her life, empower her in her serving, give her patience in suffering, and bring her to eternal life.

On June 3, 2018, Jaiden Elaine Monger, Ciara Jay Monger, and Sara Abigail Larvie will have hands laid upon them as they affirm their baptisms through the Rite of Confirmation.  These three ladies have studied and prepared themselves for a fuller life in the church.  On this confirmation day, they publicly affirm what was washed over them in their Holy Bath.  I ask you to be present on this special day to demonstrate our congregation’s support for these newest members of our faith community.

Over the years Confirmation has changed in scope and importance.  Many of us looked forward to confirmation day because it was our invitation to partake of Holy Communion.  Since the idea of communing children before confirmation, there has been less of an interest in this rite of passage.  However, the idea of people – – young and older – – publicly affirming their baptisms is no less important.  To state publicly that one believes, and one commits oneself to:

  • live among God’s faithful people;
  • hear the word of God and share the Lord’s supper;
  • proclaim the Good News of God in Christ through word and deed;
  • serve all people, following the example of Jesus;
  • and to strive for justice and peace in all the earth,

is a holy moment and should not be ignored or pushed aside.  So, on June 3, 2018 we will all surround our sisters in their renewed commitment to be children of God and fuller members of this family of faith we call St. Paul Lutheran Church.

It is June and summer is upon us.  Once again sisters and brothers will be away on vacations and finding time to relax and restore.  Pray for those who travel and while you are away from us, remember to worship either in congregations near to you or in your own individual way: reading scripture, praying and thanking God for family, for re-creation, for time away from work.  Enjoy your summer months and may God bless us all again and again with safe journeys and happy homecomings.

I will see you somewhere along the way but most assuredly at the altar when we are fed with the priceless grace of Jesus’ body and blood.

I am your servant and shepherd,

+Pastor Tim


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