Pastor’s Monthly Message


Sisters and brothers,

Peace be with you!


Just days ago we celebrated the birth of Christ Jesus among us.  The twelve days of Christmas are about to come to an end but our joy and celebration does not stop.  For on January 6, 2018, we celebrate the birth of Jesus among us as he is revealed as Savior of all humankind.  On this day we merge the hope of the Jewish people longing for the Messiah to come with the Gentiles – – the nations – – who learned that this Son of God was born for all.

On Christmas night, we read about the shepherds – – Jewish herders – – who ran with swiftly moving feet “to see this thing that has come to pass; which the Lord (through an angel and a multitude of heavenly beings) has made known to us!” And so they ran, they witnessed, and then they told.

On Epiphany, we recall the Magi who traveled from distances afar to witness this child – – now older as we might surmise – – and came to pay homage to this New Born Sovereign. 

Two walls had come together to merge as one – – one host of humanity worshiping and praising God for the gift of a Son – – a Savior.


So it is that the Nativity of our Lord and the Epiphany – – the Manifestation of God in the flesh as God of all – – we hold in highest reverence.  God is revealed to us in flesh and blood.

Let us rejoice in the wonder of God among us.  And let us recall that: the Jewish shepherds were led by an angel bringing Good News and the Gentile Magi were led by a star showing the way. 

I pray for us all a blessed and joyous Epiphany season.

Amazed at such a wonder,

I am, your shepherd and servant,

+Pastor Tim



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