Pastor’s Monthly Message

A Message from Pastor Harvey 

Greetings My Brothers and Sisters..

Happy Epiphany and happy new Year. I hope you and your family are blessed and thrive throughout the year of our Lord 2020. I don’t know if you want to consider 2020 as the beginning of a new decade or the end of the previous decade, but in either case, the start of a new year and the ending and beginning of a new decade is, for some reason, considered to be an auspicious time. It is a considered to be a time of new beginnings and new possibilities. It is often perceived to be a time of hope and optimism about the future.

I understand this. I even feel this optimism myself, in spite of myself. (You see, I am not usually an optimist or a pessimist, so much as a practical realist. I don’t see the glass as half full and neither do I see the glass as half empty. I see the glass as being twice as big as it needs to be.)

So I am thankful and glad we get another day off as a national holiday. You all work too hard and you deserve more days off. But theologically speaking, I want to suggest that every new day is a new beginning, full of potential for grace and mercy and good.

Michael Card, the amazing Christian musician and theologian, had written a wonderful song, “In the beginning (the lyrics of the second verse follow this paragraph). Each day, because of God’s love and forgiveness, we are set free to begin our lives again. We don’t have to wait for the new year or the new decade to start again with hope and optimism.

This very moment is filled with His power
That we might start anew.
To break us away from the past and the future
He does what He must do.
And so the Alpha brings to us
This moment to commence;
To live in the freedom of total forgiveness
With reckless confidence.

The beginning will make all things new
New life belongs to Him.
He hands us each new moment saying
My child, begin again.
You’re free to start again.


Your shepherd and servant, 

+Pastor Harvey