Pastor’s Monthly Message

A Message from Pastor Harvey 

Greetings My Brothers and Sisters..

June 9th is the Day of Pentecost; the day we celebrate the Holy Spirit appearing as divided tongues as of fire were seen above the heads of the waiting disciples. More importantly, we celebrate the truth that the Holy Spirit has come to abide with us.

So, if you want to celebrate Pentecost as the birthday of the Christian church, you would not be wrong. We celebrate many significant events from our Christian history; events long past, such as Christmas as the birth of Jesus, Good Friday and Easter. But unlike a person’s birthday which also celebrates an event from the past, Pentecost, Good Friday and Easter are historical events that have implications for and ongoing results in the present and future. These events are like a rock thrown into a pool with ripples going outward in all directions into the unforeseeable future.

Jesus’ death and resurrection happened in the past. But the forgiveness/reconciliation we have from the cross is ongoing. And the defeat of death through the resurrection is ongoing. Just the same, the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples on Pentecost is an event from long ago. But the Holy Spirit continues to come and abide with each disciples of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit continues to gift each follower of Jesus with gifts and talents that are to be used for building up the community of God (which is the church) and the whole world.

Last month I asked you to discern your spiritual gifts and how these gifts might be used for the community of God and, I would add, the glory of God. This month I want to encourage you and thank you for the thousands of ways you serve God and your neighbors with your gifts. I know many of you are humble about your ministries, but I want to tell you how each of you contributes to the body of Christ and the glory of God through your ministry and your spiritual gifts and talents, given to each of you by the Holy Spirit.

Thank you and may God bless and keep you.

Your shepherd in Christ,

+Pastor Harvey


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