2-April Drew

6-Dale Austin Drew

6-Janet Erickson

9-Daryl Rau

13-Ginger Flynn

13-Carl Strobel

16-Jason Sheets

17-Diana Stobel

20-Elaine Walberg

22-Katie Thiessen

28-Ricky Erickson

30-Darcy Drew


3-Charles and Janet Uhlir

5-Graig and Gail Bagenstos

7-Steve and Stacie McCrary

10-Scott and Carla Bollinger

12-Craig and Tammy Phipps

17-Ray and Shirley Tukua

18-Ed and RoxAnne Krute

19-Erick and Jeni Erickson

1-Patty Jolly

20-JD Roa

23-Jean Lemesany

29-Alex Larvie

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