Last Meeting Minutes

Council Meeting March 17, 2024

Present:  Pastor Harvey Johnson, Blair Bartling, Laurie Lamm, Deb Drew, Karen Rau, and Matt Heitmann

Absent: George Fosha, Aaron Shaha

Call to Order:  11:17

Devotional: Pastor Harvey

Review Agenda:

Additions:  Under New Business

  1. Clean Up Day

Approve previous month’s minutes: Matt motion and Deb second.


Per Notes from George and Blair added that we spent $14,597.97 and income was only $6,439.00 along with a furnace repair cost.

  1. Staff compensation includes a first quarter Federal Tax estimate for staff                               ($1,087)
  2. $1,000 for worker’s compensation insurance (pre-school)
  3. Benevolence includes $ 2,400 to Sarah’s Home.
  4. Building Maintenance includes $1,191 for furnace work.
  5. Higher than normal VISA bill, including higher costs for kitchen supplies and funeral


Administrator’s Report:


  1. Looking at June 8th or the 22nd for Cleanup Day. June 8th is Clean Up Day for Calhan, and they would have a dumpster. We have three broken tables that Blair will put in the dumpster along with anything else. Preschool offered to help with Clean Up Day this year.
  2. Hartford Insurance is our workers’ compensation insurance, and they do an audit, and we will get back $556.00 from the $1,000.00 that we paid.
  3. The Furnace Guy Company fixed the furnace after several attempts by Plains Heating. They were out many times and different things came up wrong like the thermostat and heat pump. It was determined that the circuit board was not working and needed to be replaced at a cost of $1,000.00. Karen contacted Plains and they would not collaborate with us on previous bills and correcting the circuit board that they installed wrong.
  4. Karen requested more details on the line-item Office Expense from George for next month’s meeting. Went over the Visa Bill since he stated it was higher than usual. Maybe some of these items should go under a different line item.
  5. Mailed out Communion Kits
  6. Coffee creamer/coffee paper
  7. Paper Wafers
  8. Joans Funeral cost was $328.00 for meat/cheese/rolls and Joans daughter gave us a check for $500.00 to cover the cost and the balance to go to the Memorial fund not the whole $500.00.
  9. Palms $140.00
  10. ECLA Assembly cost $400.00


Pastor’s Report:


  1. The Assembly went well, and a new Bishop was elected. They are trying to cut back on their budget, they had taken $7 hundred thousand out of the reserve budget to use and this should only be used for emergencies. Ways to save on the budget are to cut back on staff and social engagements.
  2. Pastor Harvey will be on vacation June 19–28th 2024.
  3. Pastor Travis with 1st Lutheran Church donated $110.00 towards are online ministry                   program.


Old Business:

  1. Lay Ministry:

     The Lay Ministry classes are going well, the next one is Saturday May 11th. They will be       starting Holy Communion and interpretation of the Bible. With Holy Communion classes starting they will be trading off at church service with Lay doing the communion and Pastor assisting and hopefully by the time he is on vacation they can do Holy Communion.

New Business:

  1. Furnace – See above in Administrator’s Report
  2. Staining of Church – Done during cleanup day.
  3. Report for new development – The new development behind the church was presented to the Town Of Calhan in three phases. They were proposing only one way in the subdivision and one way out. At issue was water and sewer lines provided to the new subdivision with thirty-two taps in the first phase. There is still concern over our fence line and the safety of the preschool.
  4. Clean Up Day – June 8th or 22nd, leaning towards June 22nd.

Next Month’s Meeting: June 9, 2024

Closing prayer:  All

Adjourn: 12:05 p.m.

SPLC May 2024 Financial Report

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