Council Updates

Council Update…

Thank you to all of those who have been attending worship either through online or in person.  Your continued giving and support of our ministry here at St. Paul does not go unnoticed and the council wishes to thank every one of you for your continued efforts to keep our church alive and doing well.

Things that are happening at St. Paul this summer


On June 18th there will be a church cleanup day beginning at 9:00 a.m.  There will be food afterwards so there is incentive to come and work.  Activities that we will be attempting to complete:

  • Trim trees and bushes around the church
  • Paint and clean the playground with some repairs
  • Clean out crawl space and rodent removal and fill holes if needed
  • Clean and organize utility closet and storage shed (we will have a dumpster on site to throw out anything not wanted)
  • Possibly staining the church outside (George and Matthew are heading this up)

On Sunday, July 17th Bishop Gonia will be here to celebrate our ministry together.  There will be a potluck after service for everyone.

Sometime over the summer, the parking lot will be repaired.  We will have it sealed and repaired.  The sealing is not covered by warranty and will cost $6,000.00.  This should guarantee the parking lot will stay relatively nice for the next 10 years with minimum problems.

Kidspree will be at the church again this year, which will be the first part of August.  This is put on by the Calhan Lions Club with Lion Ginger Flynn spearheading this event.

To finish off the summer, the beer and brats will once again be in full swing on the last weekend in September.  There is more information to come on exact date and times.

There is plenty of opportunities for everyone to jump in and help with anything they feel a calling to do with repairs to the church.

As always, we can use more lectors and assistant ministers.  If you feel a calling to do this, please sign up on the Sunday that you would like.

Together we do Christ’s work with our hands.


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