Pastor’s Monthly Message

A Message from Pastor Harvey 

Easter Happens.

My grandson planted some wheat seeds in some potting soil and the sprouts are now showing themselves. The grass in my yard still looks dormant and yellow. But I see signs of greening in laws that are more south-facing. Many of the trees are budding. New life is on the way. Easter happens.

I played tag with my grandson or trucks in the sandbox and watched cartoons. Easter happens.

I went for a walk through the trees. I went outside and watched the stars in the sky. I saw the sunrise. I listened to the birds and the wind. Easter happens.

I called a friend or family member I haven’t talked to for a long time. I met a new neighbor who has moved into the neighborhood. Community is renewed and expanded. Easter happens.

I forgave a person who irritated or one who cut me off in traffic me or didn’t have my back. Or that person did the same for me. I tipped a restaurant worker generously. I did a favor or someone did a favor for me. Easter happens.

You get the idea. Even little things bring joy and new life. Jesus died on the cross and three days latter, God raised Jesus from the dead. Big things also bring joy and new life. New life. Life restored. Easter happens.

Easter is Jesus being raised from the dead and returning to us, forgiving us, reconciling with us and loving us. But Easter is not confined to one day. Of course, each Sunday at worship, is a celebration and remembrance of Easter and resurrection. Baptism, is also a celebration of Easter. We are covered in water and our old self has died and then we are reborn, children of God. Easter happens.

As a counter to the pop culture saying that “ @#$% happens,” we believe Easter happens. Sure, stuff happens; stuff that interrupts life and interrupts plans and dreams and slows us down and sometimes even stops us cold in our tracks. But in spite of “stuff,” Easter happens. Nothing can stop it. It is inexorable, implacable and omnipresent. Easter happens.

Your Servant in Christ,

+Pastor Harvey


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