Pastor’s Monthly Message

Message from Pastor Harvey

In December, our church calendar will begin anew and we will enter Advent. Advent means arrival. But it is not really the arrival of the baby Jesus at Christmas, but the present and future arrival of Jesus, the Risen Christ that we celebrate during Advent.

In the season of Advent, Christians traditionally enter into a time of preparation: it is the preparation for the arrival (advent) of our Savior and Lord. For us at St Paul Lutheran, this includes the Wednesday Holden Evening Worship Service. Advent is traditionally also a time

when Christians fast. This could be abstaining from some kind of food or drink. More and more, pastors are encouraging folks to do something positive, like volunteering, or participating in in a Group Bible Study, or beginning a time of devotion or Bible reading.

Instead of abstaining from something you enjoy, I prefer to advocate that as part of their spiritual discipline (of fasting) that they do something positive. This can involve helping at the Eastern Plains Food Pantry, or making extra donations to the Pantry or some other charity.

Right now, because of the current  war, the obvious need is to Lutheran World

Hunger and Lutheran Disaster Response. When you designate your giving and

100% of your gift will go to help the crisis.

Another way of spiritual disciple is to give to “These Good Gifts,” a program that works for long-term improvement in lives around the world, including the United States. Giving to this program might, for example, provide clean and safe drinking water for a community, or livestock that would enable a family to rise out of desperation poverty for the long-term.

The word “Advent” is a root word out of which we get “adventure,” in this case, meaning the arrival or beginning of a new venture or activity. Because, who knows, you might start something good as a spiritual discipline, during Advent, that will become for you a habit of spiritual activity.

I wish you a joyful Advent.

Your Shepherd in Christ,
Pastor Harvey
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