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15th Annual Christmas Store – 2020

As it has all year, COVID-19 will be playing a “major role” in our 15th Annual Christmas Store at Good Samaritan in Simla, CO

As we work together on how to make our 15th Annual Christmas Store happen, we realize that there are several obstacles in our way.  Currently as of October 2020, no one is allowed to visit the residents inside the facility.  And anything brought into the facility is put in a holding room and disinfected for 48 hours.

There are several other churches involved with gifting to the residents and so we are tentatively working on a plan to work together with these other churches so that each resident will be able to receive a Christmas Goodie Bag.

One idea is for each church to donate certain items so that in a combined effort, the resident will receive many of the items we would have showed them in our display as we shopped with them in the past.

Because it is difficult to visit with the residents, our efforts this year will be for each resident and not carried out into their family unless they request something specific.

Our current idea is that the Goodie Bag would contain lotions, Kleenex, personal hygiene items, coloring books, etc. and something personal for each resident.  Each church will be given a list of items in November so that your donation can be at St. Paul’s by Sunday, December 13.

More information will be coming as to what items will be asked of St. Paul to donate.  As of October, there are 10 men with 17 ladies in residence at Good Sam.  Please give us a call for any additional questions or thoughts.

Thank you!  Sally 719-347-2785; Carolyn 719-347-2229; Andrea 719-347-2798.

Last year…    St. Paul Lutheran’s 14th Annual Christmas Store

It was another successful year with bringing smiles and happiness to 28 residents who went shopping “for free” on Monday, December 2, 2019 at the Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Simla, CO.

This was all made possible by the wonderful members and friends of St. Paul Lutheran Church here in Calhan with their generous donations and by the financial assistance through Thrivent’s Action Team !  The nursing home residents were ready to shop when the doors opened to the dining room at 3 p.m. and everyone was exhausted from shopping around 4:30 p.m. J   Two “shopping elves” from St. Paul worked with each of the residents to find personal items they could use or for gifts that they might then give to their own family members.  The residents then went to our gift wrapping table before heading back to their room, all ready for the Christmas celebration!!

Residents that were not mobile enough to shop themselves were accommodated by nursing home staff member who could help them select items that were needed by that individual.

A BIG “thank you” to the 17 members of SPL who helped the residents and a special acknowledgment to our youth (Emily, Jaiden, Cierra & Parker) for joining in and doing a fantastic job working with the elderly.

You all need to be smiling as you’ve done a wonderful job in bringing Christmas Joy to so many at Good Samaritan of Simla and here at St. Paul Lutheran.

Submitted by Sally Fosha

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