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To enroll your child, please go to the Registration page and download, print, fill out, and bring it back to the church office.  We welcome all little ones and can provide possible scholarships.

Preschool Registration page

Lindsey Osburn, St. Paul Preschool Director

The preschool is full swing! Most of our kiddos are 3 years old, so it is an energetic year. We meet with Pastor Harvey once a week for chapel time and learn Bible stories and songs.

Preschool will be holding their Valentine’s party on Wednesday, February 14th. What better thing to celebrate than  Love! Children will make Valentine mailboxes and exchange cards, play games, and eat treats.

Pastor has chapel time with them once a week, singing Pharoah, Pharoah and I’ll do My Best. They are also having music class to learn songs as they shake tambourines, shaker eggs, and tap on musical bells.

The bible stories this month are Jesus calms the water, and Jesus feeds 5,000. (early church potluck)

February is Dental Health Month. A dentist and staff are coming to teach kids about proper mouth hygiene. Each child will receive a new toothbrush kit to take home.

Thank you to all for your continued support of the preschool ministry. Our program reaches families of young children, offering fellowship that extends beyond the classroom.


Lindsey and Jodie


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